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Hi everyone!

All of us here at WVLT-TV are excited to take part in this year's Gladiator Game's. We will give it our best, but understand we won't be as strong, fast, or agile as our competitors. What we do want to succed at is raising money for this great benefit. The money raised at this event will help folks who may not be able to make repairs to their homes. Retired grandma's and grandpa's, single parents, and low income families will get the much needed support from volunteers that will better their living situations. It's all done by volunteers! If you can donate anything, no matter how small or large, will will appreciate it. We hope to be able to serve the people in our community, and together we can make this happen! We also hope to see you guys out there! 

The proceeds from the Gladiator Games benefit Knoxville Leadership Foundation's Operation Backyard (OBY). For 15 years, Operation Backyard has offered free home repair services to low-income homeowners who cannot afford the essential repairs. The program coordinates efforts with local student and adult volunteers to complete projects such as replacing roofs, building access ramps and painting. For more information please go to www.klf.org.